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Car Lift Systems

A change is coming: QuickJack is elevating the auto industry by offering the first fully electric-hydraulic portable car lift system the world has ever seen. What started in a small, working-class Southern California town is now sweeping north through Canada like a warm burst of southern air. QuickJack is the all-in-one solution for any car enthusiast or body shop that needs quick and total access to a vehicle’s undercarriage. Likewise, if you need to perform tire changes, balance wheels or detail cars in those hard-to-reach places, QuickJack will get your vehicle in the air with zero hassle and total operator safety.

What Does QuickJack Offer You?

  •   One-touch button controls for ascent/descent? Check.
  •   Dual-position automatic safety locks? Check.
  •   A fast lift that provides comfortable space to work under? Check.
  •   Durable wheels to roll QuickJack whenever, wherever you need it? Check.
  •   Three models with lift capacities of 3,500 / 5,000 / 7,000 lbs.? Check.
  •   Fully staffed and qualified customer service center? Double Check!
  •   Affordability that never compromises quality or safety? Triple Check!!
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