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How does the QuickJack Garage Lift Save You Time and Money?


Riddle us this. What can be given or earned, is often made of paper and stands as the one thing every company on the planet promises you’ll save if you ACT NOW to buy their product? We’ll give you a second.

Got your answer? Then tell us, what moves in one direction, can’t be touched and can never be returned if you waste it? Take your____ ...

Admittedly, these are really terrible riddles. Edward Nigma (The Riddler) would have our heads for this kind of intellectual sloppiness. But, if you correctly answered time and money, you’re probably more than ready for some hard evidence that QuickJack is going to deliver on those two fronts. We know it’s up to us to take the mystery away from our garage lift and show you how QuickJack works to your advantage, so on that note, we absolutely promise: no more riddles!

Smart investing makes the world go ‘round

Purchasing a car lift is a little like investing in your retirement account. If you dump a thousand dollars into your retirement next Tuesday and call it quits, you’re not going to benefit in the short run, because you’re losing a big chunk of your income, nor will you see rewards in the long run because your investment won’t make much difference down the road. Unlike a retirement account that you deposit into little-by-little, however, QuickJack is a one-time payment that will easily save you thousands in labor costs over time. If you value DIY auto service, your investment in our garage lift is guaranteed to pay dividends.

“I like what you’re saying, but I might as well just use jacks and stands, which cost less upfront and will also save me thousands on labor costs at the shop.”


It might sound like an obvious pitch coming from a company that sells garage lifts, but we hear time and time again from satisfied customers just how grateful they are to have a simpler, safer solution to failing floor jacks and stands. From crank-style “widow-maker” jacks to wobbly, annoying stands that even seasoned DIY’ers and mechanics can improperly set, there are plenty of reasons to move away from the old method (floor jacks) and towards garage lifts that are easier and safer to use. Every jack failure is potentially life-threatening, and even if you’re fortunate enough not to be under your car when your jack/stand fails, you’re almost certainly facing hundreds or thousands in repair costs. QuickJack, like your retirement account, provides long-term security and savings. Not to mention, portable garage lifts are way cool. Now, is that totally unrelated to our topic? Yes. We just like throwing it out there.

The fundamental things apply (as time goes by)

Time is one of the most fascinating and tricky concepts known to humankind. Not to wax too philosophical, but the value we place on time defines our place in the universe. (Pretty deep for an American manufacturing facility, eh?) This may surprise you, but we at QuickJack love to talk about time, on and off the clock. At work, the conversation often turns to our garage lift: what does it mean to save people 15, 20 or 30 minutes every time they perform auto service with QuickJack rather than floor jacks and stands? What are we really offering when we say, “QuickJack rises to 21 inches in just 30 seconds,” other than the obvious, literal meaning?

The way we see it, we’re ushering in a new movement in auto service technology. Vehicle manufacturers like Tesla are reshaping the public view of automotive potential, but for some reason, we see less of this groundbreaking innovation in the home auto service sector.

The QuickJack garage lift offers a level of convenience that’s unprecedented in today’s market. To think of all this in another light, some of you might remember a time before microwave ovens were standard in virtually every household. People used to reheat leftovers in their conventional ovens, which to this day take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes to reheat food.

Enter microwave, stage right.

Enter microwave, stage right. These new machines could do the same heating job in seconds, which fundamentally changed the way people lived. QuickJack is that new-fangled, game-changing “microwave oven,” and floor jacks/stands are the “conventional ovens” of the past. (We’re strictly talking about saving time here.) While both machines perform the same basic job—getting your food hot—it’s almost impossible to imagine our species going back to a time before microwave ovens could save us countless minutes, hours, days, etc. in food prep time.

In 5 – 10 years from now, isn’t it conceivable that dangerous floor jacks and stands will be considered outdated tools saved only for roadside emergencies and old-fashioned fuddy-duddies who hate change? It’s hard to say for certain, but our garage lift company is hoping to push convenience and time-saving auto service technology beyond 2016 and into the next decade of comfort and reliability. We invite you to join a growing community of QuickJack DIY’ers who are turning our vision into a global revolution.

If you have questions about how QuickJack can save you time and money, whether you’re at home, on the track or in the shop, give us a call at 800-765-9931 or shoot an email to sales@quickjacklift.ca. We’d love to talk shop with you today!