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Summer & Winter Tire Changes: The QuickJack Portable Car Lift is your New Best Friend

QuickJack is proud to service the entire Canadian family, from Stan Rogers’ proudest Newfoundland sailors to the rugged Whitehorsers of the Yukon. We’d even ship to Ricky, Julian and Bubbles, if we thought they wouldn’t stiff us on the payment (or if, you know, they weren’t fictional low-life slackers on TV). Basically, if you have a legitimate shipping address, we can find the means to deliver your QuickJack. Our garage lift is perfect for climates that experience big seasonal temperature swings. Canadian summers can be raging hot or pleasantly mild, while the weather many of you endure in winter would probably chill the memory of sun from our poor Southern California minds! But we digress. Our garage lift is the perfect tool for lifting your vehicle in any weather. When the seasons change and it’s time to service your tires, QuickJack makes this tedious job easy, safe and more than a little fun! Here’s how.

Ricky, Julian and Bubbles

QuickJack is portable and easy to set up

We say the same thing to our friends in Chicago, Minneapolis and New York: when it’s time to change into those cold-weather tires, you want to get the job done as soon as possible. Why spend time dropping your car off at the shop twice a year, spending hundreds or even thousands in accumulating fees, when you can get it all done from the comfort of your own home? Survey says: you shouldn’t!

After the one-time initial installation, QuickJack takes minutes, sometimes seconds, to position under a car and hook up to the power unit (buyers choose AC or DC at the time of purchase). Grabbing the QuickJack handle on one end allows you to roll it around the garage by its wheels. That, along with the low 3" collapsed profile, is what makes QuickJack the only truly portable car lift on the market. Needless to say, that’s a pretty big boast, and we’re happy to back it up anytime, anywhere.

Before we move along, we’d like to make a quick shout out to all you wonderful Canadian tire and auto shop owners. QuickJack isn’t just for home use: it makes a great addition to fleets of full-sized two-post and four-post car lifts. QuickJack is so portable and easy to set up, sometimes it makes more sense to perform wheel and tire service with QuickJack than it does with larger lifts. Adding a portable car lift to your fleet is a surefire way to increase shop efficiency without taking up a lot of space.

QuickJack is great for car detailing

QuickJack is among the safest portable car lifts ever made

At QuickJack, safety is always king. We know we can come off a little boastful about our lift, but we’re always going to back it up with proof. It’s also our belief that we’ve made the safest garage lift ever made, but legally speaking, we might have to refrain from making such outlandish claims.

*Wink-wink, nudge-nudge*

Portable car lifts are subject to different safety certifications than full-sized lifts, and many manufacturers of smaller, portable lifts cut corners by skipping crucial safety certification steps. If you’re changing your tires, you want to know a few things. Like if the frames on your garage lift are going to hold up in cold weather. You also want to know if your vehicle is 100% safe to rest on your lift’s frames, that your garage lift isn’t just a glorified car jack that’s going to slip and cause immense harm to you or your vehicle. It’s interesting to point out that government regulators may frequent commercial tire shops and write citations for garage lifts that don’t conform to contemporary standards, but they don’t go door-to-door and ask to inspect your privately operated lift, nor is anybody peeping through the bushes with a pair of big black binoculars to see if your garage lift is up to code. (Not even in America!) The result of this is that many lift manufactures will boast about their product without having to show the pudding (in where lies the proof). If you’re tired of setting up wobbly car jacks and jack stands to do your wheel service, our safety rating is our pudding, as well as our steak, bread, butter and dessert:

This certification fulfills a European directive for portable car lift certification, the internationally recognized CE mark; which demands the standards prescribed by the rigorous 98/37/EC Machinery Directive and the Harmonized Standard for vehicle lifts, EN-1493.

That’s not a bunch of marketing mumbo-jumbo. To us, it’s as serious as life and death: the difference between a quality lift and the “discount” garbage that gets sold across the web. QuickJack has two safety arms that lock into place at the mid and max-rise levels; it’s virtually impossible to compress hydraulic fluid, so even in cold weather (with low-temp fluid in your QuickJack), your QuickJack frames remain operational and secure.

Dual-level locks make wheel service even faster

QuickJack’s dual-level safety locks mean that QuickJack is equally safe at both rise levels. For wheel service, we understand you might not need or desire the full 21” rise that QuickJack affords. It’s often preferable to get around 12”, just enough to sit comfortably on a stool or creeper and pop those seasonal tires right off. We like to brag about how fast our garage lift reaches its maximum rise—about 30 seconds—which means you can get to mid-level in just 10-15 seconds. Pretty neat, eh? Faster wheel service is convenient for shops and home users, of course, but it’s crucial for racers at the track. QuickJack is the only hydraulic portable car lift that’s both portable enough to bring to the track and fast enough to lift your tires in less than 15 seconds; a talented team can get to work before the locks even engage! The other racers don’t stand a chance of matching this kind of efficiency. If you’re looking for a better way to perform summer and winter tire changes, QuickJack is your new best friend. So, make sure to give your friend a call! Please ask us about QuickJack or whatever else drives your interest in garage lifts. Maybe you just need to vent about the dominance of American hockey in the professional leagues? Whatever the case, you can reach our courteous Canuck service line at 800-765-9931 or email at sales@quickjacklift.ca.