Best Portable Car Lift for Home Garage

QuickJack is an amazing, go-anywhere tool. It's ideal as a backup lift for professional shops, as a race lift at the track (for fast wheel swaps and other on-the-spot repairs), and as a home garage lift that's safer and easier to use than jack stands. So what makes a single car lifting tool ideal in such different working environments? The number one reason: QuickJack's portability. This page focuses specifically on how an industrial-grade lift that's good for racers and professionals can be equally suitable for DIY'ers working in their home garages.

Built-in Urethane Wheels

When we say QuickJack is a highly portable car lift for your home garage, we're not mincing words. The entire thought process behind QuickJack was to make a lift that anyone can use, anywhere and at any time. Built-in urethane wheels make that a reality. These durable wheels are hard enough to resist abrasions, yet gentle and non-marring on all types of flooring (e.g., concrete, asphalt). They make each QuickJack frame easy and safe to roll around. Anyone can maneuver this lift across the street, a parking lot, the garage, etc. The wheels also make QuickJack easy to stow for safekeeping.

QuickJack has built-in wheels in the frame

Perfect Solution for Limited Space

One-car and two-car garages often mean there's limited space to work on your vehicles. QuickJack doesn't require high ceilings, wide spaces or special flooring to operate. You only need enough room to position the independent frames at your vehicle's lift points. The super-portable frames can be stowed under your car, standing along the wall or any other way you see fit. When space is limited, QuickJack is really at its best.

Portable car lift storage solution

Rugged Yet Lightweight

QuickJack is made with balance in mind. A portable car lift for home garage environments should inspire faith in its design (lift capacity and durability), balanced by being easy to move (portable and lightweight). The wheels are there so you never have to carry the frames by hand. However, the frames themselves aren't hard to lift, and most adults should be able to carry the full weight of each frame for short distances. There are no other lifts that feature completely independent frames, so only QuickJack offers superior mobility in a home lift. And with car lift systems that allow you to lift up to 7,000 lbs., you can rest assured that QuickJack is incredibly secure under heavy loads.

Rugged portable car lift

Multiple Power Options

Part of QuickJack's appeal is that it can be used almost anywhere, with or without access to a wall outlet. If you choose the 12V DC power unit option, QuickJack can be powered by your car/truck battery or a portable power pack. This instantly makes QuickJack an operational lift no matter where you are. Take it to the driveway where an extension cord won't reach, or simply enjoy working at home with fewer cords running along the floor. Since QuickJack is 100% electric-hydraulic, it's the only portable car lift for home garage spaces that won't require a mechanical drill or other cumbersome tool to assist in the lifting. You only need to press Up on the pendant remote, and both frames will rise simultaneously. When used properly, there's absolutely NO uneven lifting of the frames.

QuickJack has multiple power unit options

The garage is your sanctuary and your shop, so always use shop-quality tools. We're confident enough to brag a bit that only QuickJack offers such industrial-strength power in a portable, convenient package you'll love. Don't ever settle for less.