Using QuickJack

The QuickJack portable car lift is an extremely versatile tool unlike any you've ever seen. It features a completely open-center design, durable built-in wheels, rapid 30-second rise and heavy-duty lift capacities up to 7,000 lbs. The other standout feature is that QuickJack is a frame-engaging lift, so unlike other portable models, QuickJack allows you to perform full wheel service with the use of stands.

Professionals and DIY'ers alike will find QuickJack to be an incredibly useful tool. In the sections below, we've compiled just a small number of uses, testimonials and case studies to get your imagination going. If you need to work on a car, QuickJack has a solid place in your life. If you give it some thought, you'll probably think of something we haven't!


The most widespread use of QuickJack comes from homeowners using it as their primary garage lift. Most families don't have room for a standing in-ground auto lift, and anchor bolts are out of the question for some folks. QuickJack is more than just a mere alternative or "compromise." It's actually every bit as effective as the big hydraulic lifts that have come before it. There are tens of thousands of proud QuickJack owners to attest to that.

Home Car Lift

Auto Repair Shops

Even though virtually every auto shop in the world has at least one two-post lift to service vehicles, there are always more customer cars than there is space for equipment. In this case, it helps to have a portable car lift that works as a mobile backup or overflow lift. Roll it around very quickly, indoors or outdoors, and don't lose business just because your other lift is occupied. QuickJack is also useful in the event your main hoist is down for service.

Repair Shop Lift

Auto Detailing

It didn't happen overnight, but professional detailers were quick to get on the QuickJack bandwagon. It's so easy to maneuver around the shop, and it gets up to the perfect height for detailing work. This doesn't just apply to the pros, though. Home users will enjoy that QuickJack can get wet (go ahead and disconnect the power unit while you work, as long as the locks are in place). This means power washing, and fine detailing can be done with the vehicle lifted to a more ergonomic height.

Auto Detailing Lift

Mobile Auto Repair

Nobody's schedule is getting easier, especially if you work at an office all day. Folks can use their precious days off babysitting their cars in the shop, or they can call you, a bonafide vehicle repair expert, to come right to their place of work and handle business in the parking lot while they earn that bacon. This is a major application for QuickJack that's still just being recognized. Mobile repair businesses need a portable lift to stay safe while they operate on hundreds of different vehicles, day in and day out.

Mobile Auto Repair Lift

Race Track Lift

QuickJack is the ultimate race track tool. When you're having a blast on track day drifting, timing your quarter or just seeing how fast your brand-spanking-new Z06 can maintain its top speed before petering out, chances are you're going to want to pull over for a tune-up or wheel swap. QuickJack eliminates the time otherwise spent jacking up a car. If there's no outlet nearby, a 12V DC power unit will run off your car's battery for total convenience. The frames are also lightweight and easy to transport in the trunk or backseats of many vehicles.

Race Car Track Lift